Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Lazy Square Foot Garden

My lazy square foot garden is where I will keep track of my experiences both good and bad as I set about proving even an average guy like me can grow edible food with little or no experience and even less space. This is one of many steps I am taking along my journey of going green.

My first experience with gardening was last summer where I grew a small variety of vegetables and showed my children that produce really doesn't come from the supermarket shelf.

Along with chronicling my crazy adventure, I hope to show there are more benefits than simply growing my own vegetables. For example, my children get to enjoy picking the produce eaten with our meals as well as watch the critters that are lured into our yard. In addition, I hope to lower our summertime air conditioning bill by shading our living room windows as well as our back deck preventing heat from radiating into our living room.

Because we have a small backyard I chose to use the square foot gardening method. As you will see I did not use Mel's Mix. Instead, I used a variety of soil and compost mixes that were bought in discount stores at low prices because the bags were torn. The garden boxes are on legs on my back deck so they do not take up yard space leaving that for my children and the rest of the deck for us.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos on the site are taken by me or my family. We're not professionals and calling us amateurs is giving us a bit more credit than we deserve. Chances are, if the picture turned out well it is because of the camera. If you like them, the camera that took them can be found here.

Photos taken with Canon Powershot A570is

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